Retail Technology in China: Latest Trends and Applications

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Source: In the last decade, China has begun shifting from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. With the rapid growth in the wealth of the middle class and government investment in technological development, retail technology in China has evolved at a breakneck pace. A defining feature of China’s retail infrastructure is the widespread [...]

The trends of IOT manufacturing in China

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The Internet of Things (IoT) unites the physical world of objects and the virtual one of computing and analytics. It offers huge opportunities for productivity gains, innovation, and new markets. In China, like elsewhere, industry is working to seize the opportunities that this new digital age promises, not just with the IoT, but with the [...]

Using VR Stores to Increase Brand Presence

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As omnichannel retail strategy has become a marketing standard for brands, it’s time for brands to start seeking new ways to enhance their overall omnichannel strategy. The three pillars of success for retail marketing are: -  Personalization -  Experience -  Storytelling A unique way to combine these three elements is through virtual experience. Virtual experience [...]

Digital Marketing Strategy Transformation of B2C Companies Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Image source: HSBC The B2C industry used to take off through the contributions from digitalization. However, upon the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, B2C companies are compelled to rethink their strategies of digital marketing as the whole world is isolated at home - or smarter to say, people are all gathering on the Internet. It [...]

Digital Marketing Strategy Transformation of B2B Companies Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The coronavirus outbreak has forced the accelerated digitalization of a variety of industries. B2B businesses are no exception. In-person events such as trade shows and exhibitions are the traditional focal point for B2B marketing spend. According to MarketingCharts, the average B2B marketing department allocates 41% of their budget on exhibitions and industry shows and only [...]

Enhancing your Brand Image through Customer Experience

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Retail stores are an important tool for marketing a retail brand to consumers. From the outside in, consumers need to be attracted to a retail store in order to effectively experience that will resonate with consumers and entice them to purchase more goods, and become more loyal to the brand as a whole. The design [...]

Explaining Little Red Book and Its Market Potential for Premium Brands

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E-commerce revenue in China is expected to grow to USD 1,309.5 billion in 2024 (Source:, and a large part of the growth is expected to come from the fashion and luxury industry. One of the most popular social commerce platforms in China, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) is an important channel for many Chinese consumers to start their [...]

Discover the evolution of e-commerce: China in 2020

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It probably comes as no surprise that e-commerce has also been hugely affected by the global pandemic in 2020. Many experts agree that consumer behaviour has changed significantly in the first quarter of 2020 as a result of Covid-19.  However, despite the strict restrictions, it is clear that e-consumers have now adapted to the current [...]

How a Strong Retail Design Leads to Increased Sales

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While concept stores can change the layout and color scheme of their store design, they must first realize why it is so important to focus on these changes. Having a strong store design ultimately leads to a better customer experience and thus increased sales. First impressions really do matter, especially in retail design. Instead of [...]