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  At the end of a turbulent year, we met for tea with our Managing Partner Dirk Sänger, discussing various topics that affected the Melchers Group in 2020.   2020 was a turbulent time for everyone. How do you, shortly before Christmas, reflect on the past year for Melchers and for yourself? I have never [...]

Melchers Beijing Office Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Today, Melchers is celebrating the 40th anniversary of reopening its Beijing office. We are looking back proudly at the many milestones in its history of doing business activities in China. Melchers opened its first office in Beijing back in 1937. Even in the years away from China after the war and the interim period without [...]

China Trading Partnership Announced Between Tricker’s and Melcher’s China

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Northampton Footwear Brand Tricker’s and Global Company Melchers have signed an exclusive distribution partnership to develop the Tricker’s Brand in China Mainland and Hong Kong. Through this partnership, Tricker’s and Melchers China, will develop a multi-channel distribution business in China Mainland and Hong Kong. A dedicated Website and WeChat shop along with wholesale distribution and [...]

We invite you to visit our booth at CPhI China 2020!

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CPhI China 2020 is the leading pharmaceutical ingredients show in China and wider Asian - Pacific region. Together with P-MEC China 2020 it is a one-stop-shop platform for reaching out to the entire Chinese pharmaceutical supply chain, including every stakeholder, from beginning to end of the professional chain. -  Time: December 16 to 18, 2020 [...]

Melchers Guangzhou Office Celebrates 35th Anniversary

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Melchers is celebrating the 35th anniversary of reopening its Guangzhou office this year. We are looking back proudly at the many milestones in its history of doing business activities in China. Melchers opened its first office in Guangzhou back in 1892 at Shamian Island. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th [...]

Businesses in China dealing with COVID -19, an interview with Melchers’ China CEO

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Today we interview one of our strategic partners, Anton Melchers, the CEO of Melchers China. Establishing its first Asian branch in 1866 in Hong Kong, Melchers Company is engaged in doing business with China ever since. Melchers focuses on selling luxury goods, machinery, industrial materials and spare parts in China for automotive, aviation, packaging and [...]

Asia Revisited – How to continue managing your operations in Asia post COVID-19

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Are you rethinking your strategy and regional set up in Asia as a consequence of the impact of COVID-19 on your business? Success in Asia is based on a strong local presence. But how to ensure this effectively, lean, and cost-efficient in the Post-COVID-19 world? With more than 1,000 employees in Asia, the Melchers Group can be [...]

Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH (Germany) Establishes a Joint Venture in Beijing, China with Melchers Group and Cicel

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Beijing, June 2020   In order to provide better, faster and more attentive services to hospitals and clinicians, Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH Germany has set up the Joint Venture Company Koehler Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Ltd.  in China. The new company will centrally manage and operate the business of CUSTODIOL for cardiac- and transplant surgery in the [...]

Invitation to the webinar “China’s emergence from the crisis – an opportunity for German companies”

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China is on the way back to normality - while the corona crisis in Europe is just reaching its peak. Already during the "lockdown" it became clear in the Middle Kingdom: The big winner of the crisis was digitization, including online trading. The growth figures in this area are above average. Even the government is [...]

Inflight Fire Protection with the PED Containment Bag

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The aircraft is by far the safest means of transport. In 2016, there were over 40 million aircraft take-offs worldwide and millions of people reached their destinations safely (source: IATA). However, the main risk during a flight is not a technical defect or pilot error, but is potentially in the luggage of every passenger. The [...]