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E-Commerce trends for the Year of the Ox in China

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2020 was a gigantic boom year for e-commerce. Lockdowns, travel bans, and retail closures forced consumers online, and the world's largest retailers soon followed, with some selling direct to the consumer for the very first time. The COVID-19 pandemic sped up changes across several vertical structures, and that acceleration is very much expected to continue [...]

The Versatility of Interactive Experiential Points

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Adaptable retail design is part of brands’ excellent strategies to maximize the effect of seasonal promotions. Brands benefit from using adaptable retail design to engage loyal customers and attract new ones with eye-catching new designs, new themed experiential points, and on-brand exciting temporary elements.The key importance of adaptable retail design becomes crystal clear in the [...]

The 2020 Foreign Investment Law in China

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China has had a long yet complicated history with foreign investment. From major European powers setting up trading posts in the Chinese territory in the 1800s that progressed into the likes of Hong Kong and Macao being turned over to the United Kingdom and Portugal, respectively, and whole areas of other cities having distinctly foreign [...]