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Melchers and ANKER Enter Partnership for the Sales of Aircraft Carpets in China

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The German manufacturer of textile floor coverings and aircraft carpets ANKER and the Global Company Melchers have signed a partnership agreement for the sales of aircraft carpets in China. Through this partnership ANKER and Melchers will develop the ANKER Brand in China. Both companies established themselves early in the 19th century and have a shared [...]

Social Commerce – The Power of KOLs

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Social Commerce, known in China as社交电商 (shejiao dianshang, literally "social e-commerce"), is a buzz word of our time. It describes the merging of e-commerce with social networks. This form of e-commerce has experienced a significant development boost in recent months.The first forms of social commerce emerged in the early 2010s, when social media posts were [...]

Presenting Brand Heritage: Key Aspects to Pay Attention to

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With all the volatility of our current times, brand heritage presents a comforting constant. What can brands do to leverage their history in their marketing? With the global market volatility of our current times, brand heritage presents a comforting constant. A brand with longevity seems to say, "We have seen this before, and we have [...]


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  At the end of a turbulent year, we met for tea with our Managing Partner Dirk Sänger, discussing various topics that affected the Melchers Group in 2020.   2020 was a turbulent time for everyone. How do you, shortly before Christmas, reflect on the past year for Melchers and for yourself? I have never [...]