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Invitation to the webinar “China’s emergence from the crisis – an opportunity for German companies”

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China is on the way back to normality - while the corona crisis in Europe is just reaching its peak. Already during the "lockdown" it became clear in the Middle Kingdom: The big winner of the crisis was digitization, including online trading. The growth figures in this area are above average. Even the government is [...]

How Content Marketing makes your business successful

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Content marketing is one of the most effective methods for building brand awareness and attracting new customers to your business. It’s basically a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing and distributing valuable and relevant content online, with the purpose of reaching a targeted audience and stimulating profitable customer action. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) describes [...]

Creating Retail Experience Online

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The recent Covid-19 outbreak has affected the retail industry on a global scale. Brick-and-mortar retail is currently going through a transitional period to cope with that. While many shoppers have increased their standard amount of online shopping, many are still craving to have in-store experience. The challenge for brands is being able to provide that [...]

How to get better rankings on Baidu – China’s No.1 search engine

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While China has the second-largest economy in the world, its e-commerce market is the largest globally. Approximately 35.3% of the country’s retail sales take place online, a higher percentage than in any other country (Source: eMarketer). Given its dominance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google was China’s search engine of choice – but you’d [...]

How to use LinkedIn to build company brand in China

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LinkedIn is a highly successful business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile Apps. It’s basically, the go-to business networking App, now owned by Microsoft. Originally launched in May 2003, it’s now mainly used for professional networking, as well as a place for employers posting jobs and job seekers posting CV’s. It has [...]