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Retail Trends for Western Brands in China

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As the saying goes: the dead live longer. In China, too, brick and mortar retail was predicted to collapse and become irrelevant. The speed with which consumers adapted to digital and mobile shopping, resulting in annual e-commerce growth rates of over 30% and China becoming the world’s largest online market, was supposed to be an [...]

Melchers China takes action to assist the fight against the effects of the Coronavirus

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In the beginning of 2020, an infectious disease named COVID-19 affected China. Chinese health officials have reported tens of thousands of cases of COVID-19 in the country. "Our thoughts and prayers are with all those dealing with the health impacts related to the coronavirus," said Melchers China CEO Anton Melchers. In the fight against the [...]

WeChat mini-programs – a rapidly growing trading channel in China

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Mini-programs are ‘sub-applications’ for the popular Chinese social media App WeChat. Tencent launched them in early 2017 and they have already become something of a Chinese mobile sensation. Mini-programs offer advanced features to WeChat users so they can turn their individual accounts into platforms for e-commerce, games, local life services and so on. We look at mini-programs, [...]