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Melchers Group enters a strategic partnership with Indonesian online platform 88Spares and becomes major shareholder

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Jakarta, October 15, 2019 ​ The Indonesian online platform 88Spares recently strengthened its management team and entered into a strategic partnership with the Melchers Group to grow the existing digital marketplace focusing on machine spare parts & services for the textile industry and bring even better services to its clients. 88Spares aims to empower Indonesia [...]

Key Considerations for doing business in China

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China’s economy was valued by the IMF at $(US) 4 Trillion in 2018, making it the world’s second biggest economy, trailing only the United States. Putting this into context, the Chinese economy is worth more than Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom’s economies combined. China is the world’s largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods. [...]

Melchers featured in German business journal Handelsblatt——This medium-sized company from Bremen has remained loyal to China for generations

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One of the most renowned German business journals, Handelsblatt, published an article about Melchers. In its October 28th, 2019 issue the magazine looked back at Melchers' long and eventful history of doing business in China. Furthermore, the author discussed the evolution of the Chinese business landscape and upcoming challenges arising for SMEs that are currently [...]

Translating Your Offline Experience to Grow Online

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In China, the younger demographics are driving the growth of retail e-commerce sales, which leaves brick-and-mortar stores with the challenge of devising a new retail strategy. Brick-and-mortar stores have therefore transitioned from general retail stores into flagship stores showcasing the brand and giving customers a real-life experience, which is something online retail platforms cannot compete [...]