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Retail trends for Western brands in China

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It is well known that the dead live longer. In China, too, the brick and mortar retail was predicted to collapse. The speed with which consumers adapted to digital and mobile shopping offers and the resulting e-commerce growth rates of over 30 percent annually were both quite impressive. China has been the world's largest online [...]

New technologies disrupting Chinese automotive industry

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China has nearly one in four of all of the vehicles sold in the world today. Whilst China’s automotive market is now maturing following an extraordinary period of growth in car sales, the future holds manufacturing possibilities like nowhere else in the world. China’s focus on disruptive technologies such as autonomous, intelligent connected and alternative [...]

Melchers appointed as exclusive distributor of Red Box International in China

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We are proud to announce our new partnership with Red Box International to become the exclusive distributor of their aviation product range in China. Through this partnership, the aviation business unit of Melchers will enlarge its product and service range, whiling significantly expanding Red Box’s reach in China. Aviation in China is undergoing unprecedented change. With [...]

Innovation in China is blossoming on many fronts

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The pace of innovation in China is growing exponentially. Both Chinese business to consumer and business to business markets are witnessing phenomenal strides forward thanks to greater innovation levels. Communications technologies and alternative energy products are just two examples of major sectors in which China is making major inroads. So what are the key factors [...]